Mother Knows Best!

Many moms help their daughters plan and prep for their weddings. However, Denee wrote in telling me about how she helped her daughter, Shaylan Brown (pictured with mom above), after the wedding was over by launching a website to help her resell (read: recycle) all of the treasures from her big day.

"While helping my daughter, Shaylan, plan her wedding I had searched online for a site that was dedicated to JUST previously owned Wedding accessories in one Central Location as opposed to jumping from specialty site to specialty site. At that time I couldn't find what I was looking for but I thought that newlyweds surely didn't want to keep all their leftover merchandise stacked up in their new homes (or worse...in their parents' garage!!). I grew up knowing that one man's trash is another man's treasure because my parents loved garage and estate sale shopping. You can't imagine the beautiful things they found that people just no longer wanted. They also taught us about recycling and conservation (my brothers and I were fined a nickel every time we left a light on). So the idea of "She Just Got Married" a site for Newlyweds to sell their gently used accessories AND a place for the Brides to Be to find them and save a little money, came naturally."

A few of the items from Shaylan's wedding are already available in the boutique including:

The black scroll centerpieces...

The heart/calla lilly card holders...

and a beautiful Oleg Cassini dress.

Buying and selling gently used wedding wares is a great way to save money while decreasing waste and the environmental footprint of your event. I bought my wedding shoes on eBay and my husband and I listed the fountains we used for our wedding on another auction-based site.

She Just Got Married is a great idea and I wish Denee and Shaylan the best of luck.

Did you buy something used for your wedding or donate your gown or other items after the event - share your story with the community!

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