We Have Moved!

Dear friends,

I am delighted to announce that the Real Green Weddings blog has moved to our new green wedding site.

Real green wedding stories are now viewable in storybook format, and our new site allows you to save your favorite images. You can also search for ideas by color, season, or eco-strategy.

Click here to go directly to the real green wedding stories page or see what else we are up to by visiting the green bride guide homepage.

I hope you enjoy the new site!!

All the best,


P.s. Don't forget to come back and share your story with us! You can e-mail me anytime at Kate@thegreenbrideguide.com


Anonymous said...

Congrats! Great post......

The Green Bride Guide said...

Thanks! It is very exciting. I think the new site will allow us to expand and grow and hopefully reach an even larger audience. I am so delighted that green weddings are moving into the main stream. The benefits of going green on this special day are so significant.

Anonymous said...

Great blog post....Hey keep it continue...

stela@weddingvows said...

Hmmm Green wedding is best wedding. Great picture.