Dinner Party Wedding with DIY Style

Darryl Harvey and Alissa Lewis had an intimate wedding - "only 40 of our dear friends and family members" - at restaurant 121 in North Salem, NY on April 6th. "We had the wedding set up to be more like a dinner party than anything else. I walked down the aisle to Annie Lennox's version of "Waiting in Vain"--this was kind of an inside joke between us because I am forever waiting on Darryl to get ready, to get downstairs, to get out the door, to come home...He's a bit of slowpoke! We wrote our own vows which were tremendously moving for each of us and for all the guests--for weeks after people were remarking on how special and emotional the ceremony itself was."

Alissa is extremely crafty. In fact, she has her own invitation company Mew Paper Arts - where every item is "handmade with pure intentions for the environment" and proceeds go to "support a quirky gal and her fat cat." Needless to say, when it came to planning her wedding, "the DIY theme went all the way through--from the stationery, to the music, decorations--even the cake!"

Handmade Paper Alissa flexed her paper making skills and created one-of-a-kind favors that doubled as seating cards. "I made all of the stationery items--and being a designer myself I felt like I had to really show off! The invitations were made with partially recycled materials to match the sapphire/diamond theme of the dress. I combined placecards and favors by giving each guest a set of handmade notecards with their names on it placed at their seat. I felt like our favors were something that would be used and not tossed out."

Flowers "Instead of spending hundreds and hundreds of dollars on flowers for the tables I just had a gorgeous bouquet made by a florist and used candelabras that I got on clearance at Home Goods for each table. My mom used flowers from her own garden and the local market to make a few large arrangements to spread through the room. We saved a bundle by doing this...and the candelabras are being reused in our home!"

Music "During the cocktail hour and dinner we played music through our IPOD using the restaurant's sound system--we had a kooky mix that included everything from Bill Withers, Aerosmith, The Beatles, Alicia Keys and The Allman Brothers."

Cake Alissa and Darryl even had a homemade cake. "My best friend and Maid of Honor made us a beautiful, petite cake. A lot of our wedding focused on reducing waste--often these big weddings are so over the top, cost a ton and there is so much wasted, including food. So our cake was sized for the amount of guests, as was the rest of our menu--people were well fed, but nothing was thrown out afterwards."

"Overall the event was a dream come true--super low key, but really memorable as well. Having such a small group of guests made it easy for us to spend time with each one and make everyone feel special about being there and know that we appreciated them."

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