Photo Card Save-The-Dates

One of the things I suggest in The Green Bride Guide is having your save-the-dates do double duty as holiday cards. This is exactly what Lisa and Kevin did - but they took it one step further by sending photo cards two years in row:

The first year friends and family members received a christmas card featuring a picture of the couple reading a copy of Wedding Planning For Dummies. The caption was "Be Married and Bright and Please Save the Date!"

Photo: Gene Higa Photography

The next year the card had a photo from their honeymoon on the beach in Thailand that read "Happy Holidays from The Honeymooners!"

Lisa had the cards printed using Kodak Gallery. "I just got full frame, no border. 5X7 for the Save the Dates and 4X8 photo cards for Just Married in sand."

The full fame option makes the cards look like regular photographs, so they are more likely to find their way into a frame than into the trash can.

What a fun way to share the good news!

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