Attire for Tots

Because children grow so quickly is does not make sense to have them buy new outfits for a wedding.  For our wedding, my husband and I sent around the following e-mail: 

Dear parents of small and adorable flower-children, ushers, ring bearers and "junior attendants,"
This is the week Barry and I are finishing up the invitations and in the spirit of checking things off the list, I thought I would write with a wardrobe update for the tots + tweens.  We would like the little boys to wear black suits or tuxedos and the little girls to wear autumn colored dresses.  In the spirit of a green wedding, we encourage you to borrow , rent, or buy used if you can.  (This reduces impact and cost in one fell swoop.)  For girls, I have found some adorable dresses in eBay in autumn colors: burgundy, cranberry, dark gold, etc. from $2-$20.  It may be nippy - so it is probably best to pick something in a velvet or satin or to add a shawl or jacket.  For boys, they have mini-suites and mini-tuxedos for $15-$25, including a black vest + black tie/bow tie. 
If you need more clarification or help finding something please let me know.  I can't wait to see all the cuties - I know they will steal the show.
Love to you all, 

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