Canadian Diamond Engagement Ring + Recycled Gold Wedding Bands

When my husband bought me my engagement ring, he avoided buying a conflict diamond by choosing a certified Canadian diamond ring similar to this 1 ct. Canadian Excellent Cut Diamond Solitaire Ring. For his engagement ring, I chose a ring from Wood-Rings.com made from Satine Rubane (which is not endangered). For every ring they sell Wood Rings plants a tree in the United States with American Forests. After reading an article about Dirty Gold we decided it was important for our wedding bands to be made from recycled metal. We found beautiful rings at Greenkarat made from recycled gold. It is worth noting that Greenkarat also provides a jewelry recycling program (where you can send in old jewelry for store credit).

Comment 4.24.2008 - I just discovered that you can buy loose Canadian Diamonds from Blue Nile. Blue Nile, Inc.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link to the wood rings. My fiance is actually jazzed about something wedding realted! Pretty nifty.