Donate Your Bridesmaid Dresses Now!

After my wedding I donated my dress to Brides Against Breast Cancer. (For more places to donate your bridal gown click here). However, there are also a number of places do donate bridesmaid dresses. The two most common options are The Cinderella Project and the The Glass Slipper Project. However, a friend of mine just e-mailed about another wonderful opportunity: *HELP*NOT ENOUGH DRESSES*MAY HAVE TO CANCEL* 100 Dresses needed by Monday * Hello Everyone We all remember how important prom was. Unfortunately many of the girls on my friend Spring's reservation, the Cheyenne River Sioux Indian Reservation in South Dakota, do not have resources for Prom. So the Teen Center on the reservation started "Passion for Fashion" where they collect dresses, then the girls get to "shop" for Prom. Unfortunately there have not been enough donations this year, and they may have to cancel. They need to know by the end of this week if they can collect 100 more dresses. So if you can help, please RSVP with specifics. Please forward to others (especially college and high school gals who may have some goodies from last year.) NEEDED: *formal dresses (new or gently used. all sizes, up to 24) *formal shoes *make up *accessories *shoes *evening bags DEADLINES: *MAILED BY: MONDAY MARCH 24 *PROM "SHOPPING": Week of March 31 MAILING ADDRESS: Cheyenne River Youth Project "Passion for Fashion" P.O. Box 410 E Lincoln Street Eagle Butte, SD 57625 Phone: 1-605-964-8200 Fax: 1-605-964-8201 Email: info@lakotayouth.org www.lakotayouth.org

If you are reading this post after the deadline - it is still worth calling the above number - perhaps they can get a jump on next year!


The Bridesmaid Party Team said...
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The Bridesmaid Party Team said...

will give them a call to see how our company can help them. We have over 1000 gowns that are donated for our cause at http://www.thebridesmaidparty.com. however, I am sure I can come up with some to send over to the girls. We recycle once worn, sample bridesmaids to help poverty stricken women that have HIV in Africa and Afganistan. We send over the dresses for reuse, or to remake new products. This enables these women that have nini micro businesses the opportunity to make money to feed their families. We make a difference in stopping the cycle and retraining, providing tools to these women in need. Check out our blog too at http://www.http://thebridesmaidparty.blogspot.com/
Maybe we can make a difference and help the teens in need too. Thanks for the tip.
The Bridesmaid Party

The Green Bride Guide said...

It sounds like you have a wonderful site! Thanks for commenting.