Edible Elements

To share the news about the "bookend" events for our wedding - a dessert reception and Monday brunch - my husband and I decided to tuck edible elements into the invitation. For the reception, we added words to the label of a piece of Green & Black's organic chocolate and put a personalized label on one side of a Choice Organic English Breakfast Tea Bag. We chose Choice because the back of the bag says "organic" in big letters so even though we covered the entire front of the bag with our label, our guests still knew they were trying organic tea. This was a fun and tasty way to spread the news - and less expensive than printing additional cards! We printed our labels out at home, but you can also buy pre-made labels in a variety of shapes and sizes. I have included a few links on the DIY page of the look book. I have also added a link to Choice organic teas on the coffee + tea page and to chocolates in the favors section of the look book.

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