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One of the green things my husband and I did that we loved was to register for art and and experiences instead of just things. You can use a honeymoon registry company like Honeyluna or The Big Day honeymoon registry and add non-honeymoon items to list.

HoneyLuna - The premiere honeymoon registry site

Using this service, guests gave us a night at the first green hotel in New York (Greenhouse 26), art classes, salsa lessons and a piece of work by Kevin Kutz, among other things. We also set up a registry with the I Do Foundation, so that when guests did buy us tangible gifts a portion went to support the causes of our choice.


Brandon Warner said...

Thank you for mentioning the benefits of a honeymoon registry and describing the attributes behind this increasingly mainstream registry option for engaged couples.

It is great to see how popular the honeymoon registry is becoming. When Traveler's Joy first started accepting Members over four years ago, we realized there was a large number of engaged couples that were not satisfied with the diversity of the traditional wedding registry market. Since then, the honeymoon registry has become a mainstream option.

We are proud to have helped thousands of couples travel to destinations they may never have considered - a great feeling for everyone at Traveler's Joy.

Enjoy your honeymoon!

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Brandon Warner
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The Green Bride Guide said...

Thank you to Travelers Joy for commenting. To visit their website follow this link: Traveler's Joy Honeymoon Registry