A Traditional Belgian Veil

Kathleen (Kassie) Goforth, pictured below with husband Andy Perry, wore an original wedding veil from Kristen Elizabeth. Kassie said "the veil was absolutely my FAVORITE thing about my wedding (other than my husband, of course!). It was just gorgeous and made me feel like a princess." She chose the intricate cotton Belgian lace veil because she wanted to continue "an artisan tradition that has been so important for centuries. Since I have Belgian heritage, it was so meaningful to me to have a Belgian lace veil. The idea that so many women throughout history have worn veils like it made it even more special." By choosing this piece, Kassie not only honored her ancestry, but she also acquired "an heirloom to be passed down to my own sisters, daughters, nieces, etc." In fact, she was so taken with it she decided to take a lace making class this summer, when she and her husband will travel to Belgium for a family reunion. What a lovely way to honor her family line.

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