Handmade Wreaths and Homegrown Flowers

Heather Pancake Fincher + her husband Matthew used recycled elements and flowers from her mother's garden throughout the ceremony. Her mother made wreaths by hand to hang on the church and arranged wildflowers and garden flowers to decorate the church and walkway. "An event planner friend of my mother's let us re-use decorations she already had (tulle, bows, etc.). She also makes elegant and gorgeous banners by hand, and she made one with the same wildflower theme as our invitations.

My husband made holders for vases out of logs he had at home, and they each held three vases which were filled with wildflowers cut from behind my parents house and arranged by my mother and mother-in-law. Wildflowers and flowers from my mom's garden were placed in buckets borrowed from a friend along the posts up to the church. I also wore white roses from my mother's garden in my hair, and our bouquets were wildflowers and from the garden. For our reception, our guests threw flower petals from flowers in my mother's garden in addition to blowing bubbles."

Her family's hard work did not go to waste - as we can see, the results were lovely!

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