Gala at the National Museum of Women in the Arts

When Abby Levine and her husband Matt Golden got married in Washington D.C. last year their "wedding was green in a few, simple ways." Instead of ordering a full wedding wardrobe for their invitations, they chose to forgo the extra paper. "We decided to save paper and not order the inner envelopes with the invitations, even though they came with it for free. We just didn't want to waste the extra paper for something that didn't seem necessary." They also chose locations for the guests to stay, the rehearsal dinner, and the wedding that were "all transit accessible" and they "encouraged guests to take the train or walk." (Taking public transportation is a green transportation option that can significantly reduce the carbon footprint of your wedding). One of the coolest parts of their wedding was the location. Abby and Matt held the event at National Museum of Women in the Arts. In addition to supporting a worthy cause, having their wedding in the museum provided decoration and entertainment for their guests. Because of the grandeur of the setting "we were able to limit the number of flowers we bought...[the] beautiful museum required very little decorations of any kind." What a gorgeous event - and fabulous entrance!

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