Skip the Bouquet Toss!

Because most bouquets are quite heavy, a new (and upsetting) trend is for brides to use a disposable plastic bouquet for the "toss." Instead of partaking in this ritual my sister gave me the much nicer (more romanic, less humiliating, and more environmentally sound) idea to invite all of the married couples up onto the dance floor. Over the course of the dance we asked the couples who had been married less than five years, ten years, etc. to sit down. We finally got down to the two couples who had been married longest - Barry's grandparents Milton and Rae Goldberg (left) and my Great Aunt Maxine and Uncle Josh (right). It was very exciting. In the end, Barry's grandparents ended up taking home the prize (my bouquet). They celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary this year! I told my husband that now I won't settle for anything less.

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