Handmade Huppah+

I promised yesterday that I would share the two most unique things Paula and Harlan did for their wedding and here the are.

First, Paula chose to wear a purple dress - elegant enough that she looked like a summer bride and simple enough that she can wear it again!

Her dress was custom made by “Gentleman Jim,” the first African-American tailor ever hired by Macy’s. He now owns a small tailor shop in Atlanta. To read more about his story click here.

Second, Paul and Harlan were married under the family huppah.

The huppah was made by her cousin Bill Gordon and after each family wedding, the names of the new bride and groom are added to one of the poles.

The huppah cover was sewn by the groom's mother, in Paula and Harlan's favorite colors (purple and orange, respectively)...

and the effect was breathtaking.

Paula and Harlan now use the huppah cover as a quilt on their guest room bed, which is perfect because in judaism the huppah symbolizes the married couple's new home. What an amazing way to celebrate heritage and family unity!

If you are not lucky enough to have a seamstress in your family, and want to buy a handmade huppah cover you can use in your home click here to see a selection of huppah covers made by Israeli artists. Photographs care of Rebecca D'Angelo.

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