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Chris Chappell and Erin Daly were married on June 21, 2008 in Washington State. Instead of buying disposable cameras for their weddings they used CameraRenter - a new service that rents digital cameras across the country. "Our experience working with Jonathan [at CameraRenter] was great. We enjoyed using the digital cameras, seems like everyone at the wedding did too. The photos we've seen came out really nice."

Like a netflix for cameras, the cameras arrive in the mail, you give them to your guests to use at your wedding and then mail them back in. CameraRenter uploads all of the pictures for you onto a Personalized Memory Sharing Website.

In addition to being an environmentally friendly alternative to disposable cameras, CameraRenter has added benefits including...

1. You get pictures the photographer couldn't get.

2. You get to see the wedding from your guests' point of view...

...including the way it looked to the kids! (BTW - Erin suggests designating one kids camera to ensure most of the pictures are high quality).

3. Instead of being limited to just a few pictures per roll - your guests can take hundreds.

4. You don't have to bug guests for their pictures because all of the pictures from all of the cameras go to the same website.

5. Nothing is disposable, no bad pictures are printed = nothing is wasted!

What a cool, eco-friendly way to capture your big day!

I was so impressed with this service that I asked the owner Jonathan Bailor about offering a discount to Green Bride Guide readers - and he said yes! So -to receive a FREE archive CD enter the following code at check out: 0.00_81thegreenbrideguide

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