Paper Pleasures

In addition to being a generous spirit, Marika is a talented printmaker. So "after months of looking at 'run of the mill' invitations," Marika and Saxton decided to do something unique and create an invitation featuring one of her pieces. "Our invitations were a labor of love! We designed the invitations and other elements around my print. They were printed by Mr. Boddington's Studio and I would recommend them to anyone and everyone!"

They carried the visual theme over to their favors, which were hand wrapped books. "We [gave] out books for our favors instead of something else disposable (something plastic, glass etc). We figured that people would be more likey to keep/use the wedding favors if they were books. We chose 21 of our favorite authors and named each table after that author. We then gave everyone at that table a book by that author." To make their gifts even greener, thy tucked in a double-duty card, "We wrapped the books ourselves and used the menu card as the place card, elimenating one more piece of paper."

And speaking of books and paper, Marika and Saxton set up a gift registry with the I Do Foundation so that whenever someone purchased a gift 10% was donated Trees for Life, a non-profit that "helps people make connections to tap the latent resources in their own community. This may mean seeking knowledge on farming practices from a nearby university, organizing fruit-tree grafting workshops, or setting up training for teachers or librarians." As explained on the Trees for Life website, " When people set an example by following the process themselves, others come to them to learn...They become a model that others will follow." This statement certainly applies to Marika and Saxton who offer inspiration to us all.

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