Marking the Days DIY Style

Laura, a Corporate Credit Analyst for First Midwest Bank, and Andy, a Service Rep for John Deere, live in Rock Island, Illinois with their two pugs and chihuahua (Max, Putter, & Tiger, respectively). After several "near miss" encounters - eerie life overlaps they discovered later on - they met through Match.com in October 2006 and are currently planning their wedding for November 2008.

When she is not busy with work or school (both Laura and Andy are in Business school at the University of Iowa) Laura loves to craft. In fact - she recently launched her own custom designed wedding invitations and DIY kit site elle Z Designs. So it is not surprising that when it came time to solicit bridesmaids that she came up with a clever craft for the occasion. "I have two girls that live out of town/state so I wanted to be able to send them something fun. I realized this would be the perfect opportunity to make a CD Jewel Case Calendar, a project that I had been wanting to try for some time. I was pretty excited about this project, not only were they really cute, but they were useful! It [was] something each girl could use every day for an entire year; since we had almost a year until the wedding it was perfect. [Plus], I figured if I became really ambitious, I could give them a new calendar refill every Christmas!"

Laura designed each month to have wedding/love related photos, quote and poems and marked important dates (like her wedding) in the calenders. She posted the details of her DIY project on her wedding website - but I will put a few of her pictures here as well:

The coolest part about this design is that CD case folds out to become the calender stand - so nothing is wasted. What a great way to recycle all of those old CD cases! (Photo taken from Martha Stewart images)

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