Celtic Design

Krista and Sam have chosen their wedding rings and each ring embodies a different way of being green.

Sam's ring supports local artisans and non-profits. Sam is Scottish and wanted a traditional two-tone Celtic open knot wedding ring. So Krista and Sam went to the Fairfield County Irish Festival in CT, where they found a ring crafted by Celtic Revival - a small family owned business that donates a percentage of the profits to Habitat for Humanity and Heifer International.

Krista's engagement ring is reset family heirloom Sam designed Krista's engagement ring using a diamond that belonged to his grandmother. As a sweet side note, the diamond actually came from a pair of diamond stud earrings that Sam's sister had inherited. To thank his sister for letting him use the stone, he had the second earring turned into a pendant for her.

Krista's wedding band is vintage Sam and Krista bought her vintage wedding band on a trip to California from Old & New Estates in San Francisco. They chose an art deco design with nine channel set diamonds and hand carving. As Krista wrote "ultimately my goal is to reduce, reuse and recycle - in that order. I definitely wanted a wedding band so reduce wasn't an option here but by purchasing a vintage band I could reuse instead of buying a new piece" And to keep these treasures safe on their big day? Instead of using a ring pillow, Krista and Sam decided to use this reusable celtic design hand-carved wood box.

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