Spring Style

When Lisa Rainwater got married last month, she wore a gorgeous douppioni silk dress from the Bridal Garden, a New York store that sells once worn couture gowns and veils to raise money for education. Andy wore a wool suit he bought from Brooks Brothers, "specifically due to the sustainable farming practices used to acquire the sheep's wool."

For the flowers, Lisa and Andy chose beautiful local blooms:

"As you know [flowers] can be an enormous expense - both environmentally and for the budget. We chose flowers that were of the season and purchased from local florists/gardens." Lisa had sweet pea and lamb's ear in her bouquet, and her matron of honor carried lilacs. Their centerpieces were particularly beautiful. "Instead of table centerpieces filled with 'disposable' flowers, we used moss from our Woodstock property, that is able to be 'replanted' and regrown in its original location." Coupled with seasonal peonies the effect was show stopping.

If you like the wooden 'boats' they used from Ikea, you will be glad to know they are planning to resell them. Keep your eyes out at www.recycleyourwedding.com. As for the large urns filled with perennials, they are going "back to in our rock garden, [where they] will be with us for many years to come."

The photographs of Andy and Lisa's wedding were taken by photographer Lori Toole)

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