Flower Power

Anikka and Mel were married on May 4th at the Prado, a historic building in San Diego. "Since we had guests traveling as far as Europe and the Philippines, we wanted it to be very San Diego (historically), totally us and of course a great party. We chose the Prado because of its great award winning food, service and it was in the beautiful Balboa Park." By choosing a historic location with a grand ball room, they were able to use lighting to create ambiance and did not need a lot of extra decorations.

Anikka's background is in fashion so it was important to her that everything be "high design." To that end she had a good friend of hers, Charmae Salazar, who runs BellzandWhistlez, create a one-of-kind invitations for her with hand drawn flowers.

Anikka and Mel used the flower motif throughout their wedding and forwent a cake topper in favor of this unique deisgn.

For flowers, they worked with Organic Elements to design 22 "minimal water usage" centerpieces that incorporated veriflora certified flowers.

Finally, for favors, Anikka and Mel created a candy station and gave each guest a reusable jar to fill and take home. Photographs from Bellzandwhistlez and Trailbook photography .

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