Riverkeeper Romance

Lisa Rainwater and Andy Mele were married May 10th in Woodstock, NY. On Sunday, May 25th, their wedding was featured in the New York Times Sunday Styles section. Lisa Rainwater is the policy director for Riverkeeper and Andy Mele was the executive director of Clearwater.

As you can imagine, these two environmentalists did a lot of "green" things for their wedding, which I will be writing about in the coming weeks, but let's start at the beginning - with the ring.

Because she knew about the incredible pollution associated with gold mining, Lisa told Andy she wanted a ring made out of recycled gold. He was having a hard time finding the perfect ring and then (and I am taking this directly from the Times article, because it is such a great story):

"During one trip to Florida, [Andy] had to help his mother remove a ring from her swollen finger. He took her to a jeweler, who had a tool for the job, and while he stood at the counter, he said, 'there in the case, right beneath my mother’s hand,' was an engagement ring that matched the ring he had been fruitlessly hunting for for months. It had 'subtle interlapping wave forms, unmistakedly a water motif,' he said. And it was made of recycled gold. He bought it and gave it to her that night." What a wonderful story for their aquarian romance!

To find links to eco-friendly jewelers click here.

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