A New Antique

After the film Blood Diamond made her cry (an understandable response to a well acted movie that portrays a disturbing truth about the diamond industry), Rachel Solov and Eric Ward decided to buy an antique stone and have it reset. Using an antique diamond is the most environmentally conscious choice, and as Rachel wrote, "With all of the conflict the diamond trade has caused in Africa, it was important to me to find a stone that could be 'recycled'." So Rachel and Eric went to an "amazing estate jewelry store" in LA -the Hardwear Store - and designed this exquisite ring with the help of the store's owner Arnold (arnold@hardwearjewelry.com).

So if you live in LA and are looking for ring now you know where to go. If you don't live in sunny So. Cal., check out the yellow pages in your town or try an online dealer like the Antique Jewelry Mall.

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