Puppy Love

According to an American Kennel Club survey, 18% of all dog owners (and 27% of dog owners under 30) report that they either have or would include their dog in their wedding ceremony. Sadly, our dog Reuben was home with sore paw the weekend of our wedding but Lisa and Andy were able to have their dogs Oskar (a rottweiler/German shepard mix) and Finnegan (a greyhound/doberman mix) on site for their big day. I absolutely love the picture they sent in (above).

If you are thinking about including your pup(s) in your wedding be sure to do your homework and to weigh the pros and cons. How does your dog do with crowds and loud noises? What will you do if he or she suddenly (and uncharacteristically) freaks out? Or jumps on your dress? Make sure you have someone designated as the dog sitter and a solid plan to keep fido (and your guests) happy, safe and comfortable.

If you don't want to deal with the hassle of having your dogs in the ceremony, but want to include them in the festivities, you can always take some "family photos" afterwards or take your dog on your honeymoon.

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