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Suzanne Frost, a health librarian, and her fiance Glyn, a freelance graphic designer, are getting married on August 22 in Cornwall, England. (Pictured above with their Springer Spaniel Captain).

Suzanne and Glyn are planning a number of green elements for their wedding. Suzanne writes: "We try to live as ethically as we can, and we've been really interested in trying to make our wedding as green as feasiblily possible (and it's surprisingly hard to do!) We are holding the wedding ceremony, reception and evening disco all in the Seiner's Arm, so we can cut our emissions by not travelling. Most of our guests are staying in the hotel itself, and the rest are camping just a five minute walk away. We've organised car sharing for guests for the initial journey down to Cornwall and back. Our wedding flowers are daisies, and we are giving daisy seeds to out guests as favours. As a honeymoon, we are staying in the UK and will be camping and surfing around the coast of Devon, Cornwall and South Wales."

In addition to the above, Suzanne and Glyn registered with the UK company Our Green Wedding List. "I found this company by accident, but they are fab! You can easily register and once you've registered, you can browse their gift selection and add the gifts you fancy onto your wedding list." The company offers a collection of recycled, craft/artisan, organic, energy efficient, fair trade and Made in the UK gifts and waits until one month after the sate of the wedding to deliver them (to save shipping cost and packing material).

What a great tip for all of the eco-friendly couples living in the UK. For American couples - you can register for art and experiences or charitable donations and traditional gifts that give a percent to charity. You can also register with individual companies that carry a wide array of eco-friendly products.

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mire said...

Another great site which is based in the U.S. is www.nonprofitshoppingmall.com. Here you can shop for almost every aspect of your wedding and a percent of your sale will go to the nonprofit group of your choice.

There are lots of great green stores you can shop from also!!